Who We Are

  • Firstly – we are not a gym or a box.
  • We train with kettlebells, bodyweight, and other items to get fitter, stronger, and gain more power and endurance while having fun.
  • Barry is an IKFF certified instructor of KSI1, KSI 2, and CKT1 and each class is based on the principles of the IKFF training methods.


  • Stay up to date with the latest kettlebell and bodyweight training methods.
  • Create an environment conducive to hard training safely and effectively.
  • We value feedback from our members, and we endeavour to create a friendly and safe training environment.
  • Although the workouts are hard, we will never push members beyond their abilities. Instead, we are there to teach and train members in a friendly fashion.
  • We realise that everybody starts at the bottom and that it takes time and effort to achieve better form and fitness. So we will always be patient and encourage members to become better at kettlebells and core.

– Why Kettlebells

Due to the unique nature of kettlebells, kettlebell training has many benefits:

  • Increase strength
  • Increase power
  • Increase endurance
  • Better balance

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