Who We Are

MTG Fighting Fit Central is a dedicated martial arts centre located at the Marks Park Sports Club. We have been in operation in the area since 2005 and at Marks Park since 2011. FFC is owned and operated by Master Norman Magua, 7th Dan, with his team with classes also taught by Arthur Body 3rd Dan, Richard Hardman 3rd Dan and assistant black belts.

ITF Taekwon-Do (a dynamic and effective full spectrum martial art including fitness, flexibility, urban self-defence, sport and traditional) for adults, teens & kids.

Cardio TK Kickboxing (a great and effective way to get into shape utilising martial arts, boxing techniques, callisthenics, HIIT and some resistance training) without the actual contact fighting aimed at building fitness using boxing bags and floor work to get you fighting fit) for 13 up.

Self-defence courses (basic to advanced self-defence courses designed to give you a fighting chance to recognise, evade or engage and ultimately escape dangerous situations as effectively as possible)


Do I have to be fit to start any of the classes.

No, many start unfit, fitness is built up gradually in the classes as beginners are encouraged take it at their own pace and build up

Do I need to be flexible to start?

No, flexibility will build up gradually from doing the classes. You will not be asked to do something that you cant do yet.

I am older, can I still do it?

Our classes are suitable for old and young, we don’t expect one to do what a 20 year old can do if your are 70 and take that into account. Our training is still highly effective and enjoyable for older ages. We have had students even in 70’s

How do I get the information on cost, times etc?

You can look at www.fightingfit.co.za for general times and information and can drop ane-mail to fightingfitcentral@gmail.com to get more detailed information including the different pricing options. We look forward to hearing from you.

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