Who We Are

Our programme offers you a sustainable, three times a week exercise programme with a fitness assessment that will help us to gauge your fitness level and place you on a programme where you will be both comfortable and challenged. In addition, we offer access to EatForLife, an interactive, electronic and customised eating plan designed to give you balanced and scientific guidelines for eating.

We’ve created an outdoor exercise environment which provides you peace of mind and will help you meet others with similar interests and goals! The Run/Walk for Life manager is a qualified Sport Scientist and Personal Trainer with over 11 years of experience.


What are the costs?

Prices range from R190 – R290

How does the programme work?

We do a fitness assessment with you and from there we put together a personalised walking or running programme for you. Your programme is then supervised by the manager and focuses on a progressive increase in exercise to help avoid injury and to ensure you get the best results.

Can I just do walking?a

Yes, we offer technique training for walkers.

Does Run/Walk for Life accommodate post surgery?

Yes, we have assisted many members with back, hip and knee operations.

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Eric Neeleman