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Bears Wrestling Club wants to introduce you to wrestling, the oldest and greatest sport in the world. Wrestling develops courage, determination, attitude, strength, and discipline and allows one to have fun.

A great statement was once made stating that Olympic wrestling is nothing quite like the naïve expectation of seeing a John-Cena-like character, and that is indeed true. However, Olympic Wrestling is a well-respected sport and a sport that everyone must at least give a try.

We invite all ages, whether female or male, to come and check out what wrestling is about at Bears Wrestling Club.

We welcome wrestlers and people who want to become involved in coaching, refereeing, managing teams or assisting with the admin.

Bears Wrestling is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 until 19:30 and takes place in the Vumani Hall at Marks Park Sports Club.


Do I need to be fit and at a certain weight to wrestle?

No, anybody from the age of 5 can start with wrestling training, you do not have to be fit or a certain weight as there are various weight categories.

Where do I find more information on wrestling?

Come and join our club and find out more information about wrestling. You are more than welcome to also visit United World Wrestling’s website at https://uww.org/ to get a better idea of what wrestling is about, but you can also visit South African Wrestling Federation’s website on https://wrestling.org.za/

Why should I or my child wrestle?

·        Wrestling Develops Athleticism

·        Wrestling Promotes Personal Responsibility

·        Wrestling Develops Mental and Emotional Resilience

·        Wrestling Teaches About Nutrition and Weight Management

·        Wrestling Develops Leadership Skills

·         Wrestling Teaches Discipline and Accountability

·        Wrestling Brings People Together from All Backgrounds and Cultures

·        Wrestling Promotes Self-Mastery and Focus

·        Wrestling Teaches Self-Defence

·        Wrestling Can Provide Opportunities to Travel and Further Education

How much is wrestling going to cost per month?

Wrestling Registration Fees: R700.00 (Once off)

Wrestling fee: R600.00 (per month)

Wrestling is every Tuesday and Thursday from 18h00 until 19h30.

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